Weekend Getaway in Bolinao

Lounging by the pool at El Pescador Hotel in Bolinao.

“I’ve been living in Pangasinan for almost two years now, since getting married to Dante, who is a native of the province. However, I haven’t even been to any of its famous beaches, particularly on the easternmost tip of Luzon island, by the West Philippine Sea — that is, until recently.

As a post-birthday and post-Valentine trip, my husband and I journeyed to Bolinao, which is known for its awesome beaches. After an almost 6-hour commute (and 3 bus stops) from Rosales, we finally arrived at around 3pm and checked into the El Pescador Resort Hotel.”

This is an excerpt from an article previously posted on Panoramictrip Blog. To read the full article, please see: Romantic Getaway in Bolinao.

Giant Clam at Bolinao Marine Laboratory.

My husband Dante holding up a starfish!

St. James Parish at Bolinao town proper.

Enjoying the early morning sea breeze 🙂

Cherishing romantic moments ❤

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Summer Lovin’ at Subic :)

“Last week, my husband and I enjoyed a relaxing stay in Subic. He had been so busy these past few months, and he deserved a treat. What’s more, he was celebrating his birthday that weekend!

We checked into Terrace Hotel Subic Bay at around 4 pm last Saturday. We were welcomed warmly by the hotel staff, who mentioned that our accommodation comes with complimentary breakfast and cocktail drinks (wohoo!).”

This is an excerpt from an article previously posted on Panoramictrip Blog. To read the full article, please see: Relaxing Staycation at Terrace Hotel Subic Bay

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Archie & Asterix

Archie & Asterix

Many of my friends and family know that I am a certified bookworm, but not many are aware of a reading habit that I have had since childhood: comic books.

A certain portion of my bookshelf at home is stocked with singe and double digests of Archie, Betty & Veronica, and Jughead comics; meanwhile, my laptop has a folder containing an almost complete set of Asterix digital comics!

Archie in a perpetual love triangle between Veronica & Betty

The Archie series is perhaps the more popular of the two. Published in the U.S. since the 1940s, it follows the life and adventures of the titular character and his friends.

Archie Andrews, a red-headed, freckle-faced teen is in a perpetual love triangle between the beautiful, rich (and often spoiled) Veronica Lodge, and the cute, smart, girl-next-door Betty Cooper. My favorite character happens to be Jughead Jones, a laid back dude who cares more about food and his dog, Hot Dog, than all the girls vying for his attention!

Asterix, Obelix, & Dogmatix

Asterix, on the other hand, is a more limited series of about 35 stories. Originally written in French, it presents the tale of Asterix, a cunning and brave man from “Gaul” (ancient name of France), whose village is able to resist the aggressive Roman troops led by a fictitious Julius Caesar. Their strength comes from a “magic potion” concocted by the druid Getafix (get-a-fix, get it?).

Together with his friend Obelix (portrayed by the talented Gerard Depardieu in the film versions), the tree-hugging dog Dogmatix, and other delightful characters — Asterix must overcome the challenges brought by Caesar and his minions. Charming, funny, and witty, the series never fails to entertain. The characters’ names themselves are hilarious: Vitalstatistix (village chief), Impedimenta (his wife), Fulliautomatix (a mason), Cacofonix (the bard), Unhygienix (a fishmonger), Dulcinea (Obelix’s crush)…

There are certain things in life that we do not really outgrow; for me, reading comic books is one of them. Whenever I open an Archie or an Asterix comic book — I laugh, I wonder, I let my mind soar… I become a kid again. Perhaps I always was… am…

What about you… What thing(s) did you never outgrow?

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Wikang Pambansa: Isang Reaksyon

What is the national language of the Philippines: Tagalog or Filipino? Are they the same or different? What does it mean to have a “national language”?

“Una kong narinig ang tungkol sa Filipinong batay sa maraming wika mula sa isang propesor ng UP. Bago noon, malimit akong nalilito tungkol sa Tagalog at Filipino, at ang pagkakaiba ng mga ito. Kaya noong una kong marinig ang tungkol sa wikang pambansang batay sa maraming wika, nagsimulang lumalim ang aking kaalaman at pag-unawa sa wikang tinatawag na Filipino.”

This is an excerpt from an academic paper that I previously published on Academia.edu (NOTE: The entire paper is written in Filipino). To read the full paper, see: Ang Wikang Pambansa: Isang Reaksyon.




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“Arrival” Movie Feature

Movie Poster
Image Credit: Arrival Movie FB Page

My closest family and friends know that I love movies. I’m crazy about space (e.g. Another Earth, Coherence) and time (e.g. Edge of Tomorrow, Looper) films. I also like to study about language (I have a Masters in English, for Pete’s sake).

So you can imagine my excitement when I watched a film that had all three — space, time, and language — in one amazing story. The aliens were only a bonus! Yep, I’m talking about Arrival, which came out last year.

The movie features Amy Adams as Louise (we even have the same name), a linguistics professor who gets tasked to translate for aliens (!). She communicates with them through a cool-looking glass screen and learns their language. Plus, she gets to work with geeky but adorable physicist Ian (oh hello, Jeremy Renner).

As the title says, this is a movie feature, not a review. Hence, I’ll be writing about the things I like most about the film (spoiler alert!). Here goes:

Louise and Ian communicate with the heptapods.
Image Credit: Arrival Movie FB Page

The Aliens. I’ve seen a lot of aliens in movies, but the heptapods have got to be the weirdest ones I’ve seen. For most of the film, you can only see them partially through the glass screen. They have seven limbs (hence the name “hepta”), which they use to move around and speak.

Heptapod Language. This part of the film is perhaps my favorite, mainly because I could recognize most of the terms Louise was saying (e.g. palindrome, syntax, Sapir-Whorf theory). Moreover, I was simply thrilled that linguistics finally became featured in a major movie.

Zero Gravity. Perhaps the coolest scene in the film is when Louise and the team enter the alien ship. There’s a “zero gravity” portion where they seem to “float” into the ship’s inner chamber. It’s the coolest thing ever!

Non-Linear Time. Plenty of films contain time loops and flashbacks, but Arrival is the first one I’ve seen that seriously treats “time” as a non-linear entity. The heptapods could see into the future. By learning their language, Louise learned to “think” in heptapod, which enabled her to “see” her own future.

Movie Poster
Image Credit: Arrival Movie FB Page

Embracing Life. If you knew what would happen in your life (both the happy and sad things), would you still want to live them out? Louise did. She knew that she would eventually lose her daughter and her husband, but she still chose to experience everything. “I choose to embrace all of it,” she narrates.

As she learns how to “think” in heptapod language, Louise begins to “see” her future.
Image Credit: Arrival Movie FB Page

“Story of Your Life.” This was the title of the short story that the movie was based on, written by science fiction writer Ted Chiang. I simply had to read it after watching the movie. There were slight differences (e.g. in the short story, the heptapods leave simply by disappearing from their glass screen), but the plot was more or less the same.

I’ve watched a lot of movies, but I rarely come across a film that has all of my favorite elements. More importantly, watching Arrival leaves me with a good feeling afterwards. It makes me think and reflect about my own life, and how I want to “embrace all of it.

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